Aspiring graphic designer and hopefully a future Paramedic. EMT-Enhanced. Virginia.


"You don’t have many followers"

Jesus only had 12


kinda sad when u wanna be kissed but no body wants to kiss u ygm

Anonymous asked:
I didn't know asking me who I am was part of the game haha


Anonymous asked:

okay who are you? 

Anonymous asked:
Okay okay I'll stop the torture but only if you ask nicely (:

Please tell me who you are

Being in a relationship ends in one of two ways; breaking up or death. When you think about it like that, love really is doomed from the beginning yet we continue to nearly kill ourselves anyway just to taste it.
- Unknown (via psych-facts)
Anonymous asked:
Lol if I tell you my name now then the game is over! And just because I'm curious! You can ask me anything you want. I already know who you are!

I dont want to play anymore.. 

Anonymous asked:
I lied to my boss about why I was late for work and got away with it.

Damn you renegade . why were you late?